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Trying The New Xenadrine – Does It Work?

Does Xenadrine work? Or actually, does Xenadrine STILL work!

About a dozen years ago I was dating a personal trainer who suggested I try Xenadrine. It really helped me with losing the last few pounds back then.

The original Xenadrine contained Ephedra. That product “ephedra” has long been banned in the US.

I guess I was lucky. I lost weight and my energy increased dramatically, but my boyfriend made me stop after 4 weeks because he was worried about the side effects of extended use of Ephedra (even before the government got involved and banned it)

I have put on a few pounds over the years and was struggling to lose weight. I surfed on to a weight loss forum where some people were talking about Xenadrine.

After a little research I realized that most people didn’t understand there are actually 2 Xenadrines. The one from 12 years ago (that had Ephedra) and the new formulation (Ephedra free).

I decide that the only way to find out if the new Xenadrine is as effective as the old one was to actually order some and try it. (Especially considering that most of the Xenadrine reviews are for the old product).

So, I’ve ordered the pills and created this blog to document my experience with the new, Ephedra-free Xenadrine. I’ll be especially aware of any side effects. The first version did make me jumpy, hyper and a little cranky. Many people said this was from the Ephedra. I guess I’ll find out shortly.

UPDATE: Not nearly as effective as the old stuff. I’ve tried a few other supplements and programs as well. I’ve talked some other people into contributing to this blog and I’ll be posting more things related to diet, losing weight, supplements and getting shape over the next coming months.

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Lipo-6 From A-z

The United States has among the highest percentages (of population) of overweight people of all the countries in the world. Therefore, it is not surprising that any product or procedure that aids in weight loss would be very popular. The particular treatment that would be considered in this article is called Lipo Disolve. It is a fairly new treatment with a revolutionary way of getting rid of/ ‘dissolving’ the fat from your body.

However, you may still have a number of questions about Smart Lipo. Look through what people are asking and decide for yourself if it’s the perfect procedure for you.

It is important to consider alternatives to lipo disolve in order to determine the relative strengths and weaknesses of the procedure. The first alternatives that come to people’s heads are usually, liposuction, exercise, eating healthy and diet pills. Some of these are more popular than others. Some require a greater amount of dedication than others.

What about …

Many weight loss options can and ought to be combined to attain maximal results. A person could combine exercise, diet and even diet pills to obtain their weight loss goals. However, it is difficult to see how long the process will take. It depends on several factors including the person’s ability to keep to their plan, their current situation, and how much weight they wish to lose.

Continuing The Lipo-6 Discussion

The hardest way to lose weight is probably through diet and exercise. The easiest-read quickest-way to lose weight is most probably through liposuction. However, liposuction involves surgery with all the potential complications and risks that that entails. Whereas diet and exercise may take over a year to really accomplish the desired results. Lipo disolve has become so popular in part due to it combines the hard and the easy way. A person undergoing lipo disolve must still eat a healthy diet and exercise to achieve and maintain maximum results-however results will be apparent much sooner than through diet and exercise alone without the risks of surgery.

Another factor that makes lipo disolve so attractive is its cost relative to liposuction. It is difficult to pinpoint an exact figure as variables as the number of treatments required, the area being targeted, the amount of fat, and the location in which you have the procedure preformed come into play however, lipo disolve typically costs between $300-$2500. On the other hand liposuction costs around $10, 000.

One thing that any potential participant in lipo disolve will ask is,’ What are the health risks and/or side effects. ‘ The good news is that to date no major side effects have been reported. The treatment has been around for about a decade so any long term effects still have yet to be seen.

Lipo disolve may be the solution to your prayers if you’re in the search for a good weight loss option. However it is essential in order to discuss all options with your doctor before undergoing any procedure. However, this information should get you well on your way.